Monday, August 27, 2012

We Love Restaurant Week

After a three week hiatus from Tapped in Boston we realized that the only way to remain in our readers' good graces was by going BIG, and what better time than one of the four weeks a year that all of the fanciest and completely unaffordable (to our broke selves) restaurants create fixed menus where you can get a three course meal for $33.12. Last year, for our first Restaurant Week as roommates, we went to The Beehive and loved it so much that we decided to go back for more this year.

The Beehive is located in the South End, fittingly not too far from the SoWa Vintage Market. The Beehive is one of my favorite places for a few reasons. Though it's an upscale restaurant, it features nightly music including jazz and funk newcomers, as well as a collection of art scaling the high walls from seemingly unknown artists. This year we had front row seats to the musical stylings of Baron Brown & Bruce Bartlett with the AB's, an ensemble consisting of four musicians playing freestyle funk, cues based purely on exchanged glances. The Beehive wants you to enjoy your $12 martini in a place that surrounds you with hipster/bohemian culture, making it feel a little more like home.

When we walked into The Beehive we could not have been more excited to be seated about ten feet away from the small stage. Unfortunately for our server, our expectations from last year were set too high to accept his unenthusiastic personality that lasted from when he first approached us until the moment that we left the restaurant. Luckily for us, The Beehive has enough personality to make up for his.

For our first drinks I went with the Valentino Martini (vodka, blood orange, passion fruit, $11) while Alicia went with one of the many "bubbly cocktails," Persian Kitty (champagne, pomegranate, ginger liquor, $11.50). It took a lot of deliberating to decide our three courses, I ultimately went with Lobster Bisque, Chicken Piccata, and Bread Pudding as dessert. Three choices I have no regrets about, especially the Bread Pudding - it was topped with a thick cream and maple syrup that made the dessert taste like thick and chewy pancakes - possibly the best dessert I've ever had. Never one to leave without a second round Alicia went with the Hemingway Daiquiri (pretty much the same recipe as the drink of the same name at Deep Ellum) and I went for the Queen Bee. We weren't disappointed.

Once our bank accounts recover from the hit they took from restaurant week, we will absolutely be returning to this perfectly mood-lit bar.