About Us


Working in the non-profit sector means limited funds for going out - but that's not slowing me down. Rum and tequila are my drinks of choice - dark n stormy and margarita, to be specific - but I can appreciate a good beer. Especially a good, cheap beer with good food and good company.

When I'm not out drinking or blogging about it, I work for a women's health non-profit and live in Brighton with that girl sipping a martini below me. I eat a lot - slowly learning to cook myself and appreciate everything Boston has to offer. I have a slight obsession with cupcakes. I'm also addicted to tweeting. Follow me @lorenealicia.

Coming fresh off a semester of eating pizza and drinking cheap (but delicious) wine in Italy basically means I'm broke and can no longer fit into my skinny jeans.  Refusing to believe that my empty wallet means my martini drinking is over, I'm embracing our goal to find our way to a different bar at least once a week to keep ourselves entertained - and why not write about it? In a nutshell, let's go drink and pretend we're not expected to be grown-ups come Monday morning.

Even though I try to mix things up as much as possible, I can't deny my love for Blue Moon or anything Sam Adams, as well as the occasional martini in attempts to stay classy. When I'm out being a real person I study Counseling and Women's Studies at Lesley University by day, and serve fajitas and margaritas in Harvard Square by night. 


  1. You're far from a grown up britty! You girls better find cheap and fun bars for my 21st! Can't wait to have something entertaining to read all summer

  2. You are both adorable & I'm loving this blog! Can't wait to drink some beers with you petunias again! XOXO

  3. Alyssa, you better come up to Boston for your 21st! We'll show you the BEST time. Hope to see you up in Boston, too, Teag :)