Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just Tryin' to Beat the Heat

Waking up in my sun-room-turned-bedroom is always an adventure. If I leave the windows open, bugs find their way in pretty easily; if I leave the windows closed, I reach the verge of suffocation from the lack of airflow. On a normal day, these crises are easy enough to handle. On a day where the temperature has already reached 91 degrees by 10:30 AM, these conditions are too much for my cranky morning self.

Luckily for me, my big sister the working woman is already safe and comfortable in her AC'ed office by the time I wake up, and yesterday morning she had already sent me an email to say we would be going to Clover that night for a $3 limited edition Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project beer called "Magnifico." She is always saving the day.

The Clover Food Lab is in Inman Square, relatively unexplored territory for Alicia and me. As most Bostonians know, just because something is only a five minute drive away, doesn't mean it won't take hours by MBTA. Unfortunately Inman Square is one of these lost treasures, but two buses and a short walk later we found ourselves in front of Clover in a longer line than we anticipated. Clover itself is a cozy little cafe that serves up seasonal fast-food with healthy ingredients, many of them organic. Sandwiches like eggplant and egg would be enough to drive in Cambridge residents - beer is just a bonus.

Last night's event wasn't only a beer launch. Clover clearly knows how to cater to its mainly hipster, 20-something crowd and also offered free cupcakes and live music. There was even paper and crayons to keep us busy and relive a small piece of childhood. While "Magnifico" by Pretty Things was a little hoppier than we like, a beer in hand and an hour inside and away from the heat was the perfect way to end a hot day in Boston. Also, it helped us get a closer look at the owners of Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project, Dann & Martha Paquette - I've never had more friendly faces pouring and handing me a beer.

To make a long (hot) story short, if you're burning up in Boston in the next few days like we are, keep your eyes open for events like these that are constantly serving up beer and all kinds of deals in Boston. 

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